Bourdoir. pronounced boo -dwar. It's a french word that means a woman's bedroom or private room. If you think about it, our rooms are the most private place in our home. No one goes in there unless we want them to. It's where we get away from the world. Where it's ok to be vulnerable and recharge ourselves to face the world again. It's where we will find the intimate side of ourselves. 

How appropriate is this word when putting photography behind it. Boudoir photography. Many get scared when they hear this term because they relate to smut and trashy photography. Well let me tell you, it's not. Boudoir photography is a sexy, yet, beautiful photography session that doesn't degrade us, but, celebrates our beauty. It's us at our most intimate selves. A gift to the man we love and to ourselves. 

I, Maria, am the photographer behind "The Black Cat Boudoir." And no, my husband is not involved in anyway or form with this side of our photography. I want you to be comfortable with yourself. And yes, it can be nerve racking at first, but when you see what I've photograph so far, your confidence builds up and you start exposing who you really are inside. What makes my brand of boudoir so different is that you don't have to be revealing to be sexy. You don't have to overexpose and we don't offer nudity of any kind. All of my direction during the shoot is to draw your sexy side without demeaning you and to have fun while doing so. The result, not only do you gain more confidence but you have an amazing set of photography that you and your love can treasure forever. 

What's included in the boudoir package?

  • 1+ hour session w/ soft box lighting
  • Printing Rights
  • 8"x 8" book

So how does it work when you book with me? First, we want to obviously set up a date that works for you. Second, we recommend renting a whole house through Airbnb or a hotel room. Then we can discuss wardrobe. By the way, just like we do with every other photoshoot you don't have to worry about time. We want to do this right. After the shoot, I will choose the photos to edit and style in my boudoir. I am a true believer that physical imperfection is beautiful so I don't photoshop excessively. Just temporary imperfections like pimples and such. But I don't alter your physicality. After I am done, I will send you the link for you to choose the photos for your 8" x 8" book which I will design and order through our vendor. Once we receive it we will be mailed to you. In the case of my future brides, it will be delivered on your wedding day to your husband-to-be along with your personalized message to him. 

 If you would like to see more of my portfolio call me to direct you to our password-protected portfolio at (760) 715-4037. If you are ready to book you can click here and I will reach out to coordinate.