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CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! You are about to embark in one of the most beautiful stages of your relationship with the one you love that will lead you to the day you've been dreaming since you were a child, your wedding day. Your wedding day might be, if not, the most important day of your life. This event in your life is not to be taken for granted and the preparation, the stress and sacrifices done to make it come together is a testament to this important day. 

We, at Black Rider Studios, know that. Both myself and my wife and collaborator, Maria, have gone through the beautiful experience of marriage and we know the stress and challenges of putting all together for that one special beautiful day. We know how important it is to have a photographer and/or videographer that has that magic eye and ability to capture those special moments. After all, you get only one chance of capturing that first reaction of him looking at the bride for the first time, the tears of joy, the ring exchanges, the details in decoration, the laughs, the looks, the intimate moments. 

Our unique process allows us to not become another stress for your wedding day. How? Let us take you through the process. 

You've been proposed and the planning is in effect for the wedding day that will be next year. As a smart planner, you booked your venue first and then you hired us. You see us via instagram, facebook or referral from a friend (they get $100 bucks for referring us by the way). You like what you see on the social site and you decide to go to their website where you see a link above called 'Getting Married?.'  Impressed by what you read, you click in their engagement portfolio and wedding portfolio. Now you are ready to look at their wedding packages. You find the package that you like and you click the contact link (or you call us) to set up an appointment. You beat us and arrived early at the coffee shop because you don't want us to buy you you're coffee. (Because you are so smart and think ahead). By the way, we love coffee shops. Don't judge us. We have a fun meet up and listen to what you expect and need and we assure you that we can fulfill them. You sign and give us the 5% down payment

The engagement. This session has been described like a double date by most of customers. This fun experience gives result to beautiful, and genuinely romantic images. We also use this opportunity to get to know our couples and build on the chemistry set in the first meet. We want to gain your trust so you will feel relax the day of the wedding and know that you are in good hands. After the engagement session is done, we deliver the images electronically through your own password protected gallery will you have the opportunity to either download the images or buy prints or other products straight from your gallery. 

We will disappear for a bit so you can deal with the rest of your planning until a month before the wedding where you will get an email with a questionnaire that will answer important questions so we can coordinate ourselves around your plans. Usually we will attend the rehearsals to make sure we are at the right place on the day of your wedding to make sure we capture those special moments. Practice makes perfect. We also are available to give any suggestions or answer any questions in the rehearsal or ask questions we might have so your wedding day runs flawlessly. 

The wedding day. 

The morning of your wedding we usually arrive the brides house to begin capturing the day and to make sure everything is good to go, synchronize our equipment and to assist anyway possible before I take off from the house. Meanwhile, Maria, my co-photographer, is the main photographer for the bride and will remain with the bride until the ceremony. She captures all the details of the dress and accessories, floral arrangements and the moments leading up to wearing the dress. 

Before going with the groom, I take this time to scout the locations for the wedding portraits that we will be doing later during the day. (NOTE: For best results, schedule wedding portraits are best done during sunset and not in the high hours of the day). After scouting, we will head to where the groom will be getting ready and capture those moments. The result being that the photos will be side by side with the bride's photos as you guys get ready and the stories would join at the ceremony when the father gives her daughters hand to her husband to be. 

After the ceremony, we will head to the location for the wedding portraits where I will have the poses sketched out and we would be able to do them in a timely matter without losing quality or time.

Now its time to enjoy your wedding day at the reception will you will go as you scheduled and we will simply just capture those moments. You and your now husband are simply enjoying the night uninterrupted by anyone who wants to take a photo with you because you have advised your guests that Black Rider Studios will have a studio setup where you will be taking photos with the guests for free and will be able to download them when they are ready. The cake is cut and the dance and magic continues, and meanwhile, all those moment get captured without a worry because we don't set a time limit to your beautiful wedding day. 

Now you have your memories capture for you to look back and relive over and over. If you would like to look at our wedding packages you can look at them here