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Sarah Cecilia AKA The Little Bird

Sarah Cecilia is one of the most talented photographers we can ever ask to work with. Her style and technique gives her the ability to create beautiful imagery. We love every bit of her work and it's always an honor to have her work with us when we have two weddings in one day. She will either accompany my wife, Maria or I to one of the weddings to be our partner for the day.

This native San Diegan, is the mellowest of us all. She is so fun to hang around and easy to get along which contributes to our chemistry on and off the wedding scene. We share the same taste in music and love for In-N-Out, which gives her a pass for loving Disney. Sarah started photography around the same time my wife back in 2008 with the birth of her baby sister. She got her hands on a camera just to photograph her. Later, she began to experiment with Photoshop and techniques but it was her love of traveling that sparked her passion for photography. In 2012 she photographed her first wedding, and she hasn't looked back.

What brand of camera do you prefer? (Hey I said sorta)
Nikon all the way! (Them fighting words)
If photography or videography didn't exist, what would be your hobby?
I'd definitely love to take cooking classes. Also recently have started making earrings.

Favorite Color?
Mint green

Favorite Movie of All Time?
Toss up between Beauty and the Beast and Pride and Prejudice (Disney movies?! You can't sit here)

What type of person are you? (Beach, Forest and Mountains, Country, Desert, or City)
City! If I could choose anywhere to live in the world it would probably be NYC. (Well I've heard if you can make it there, You can make it anywhere. But I'm sure it's just a wife's tale.)

Favorite place to hang out?
Anywhere I can get Japanese food.

Favorite Concerts?
Top 3: Local Natives, The Internet, and Coldplay. (We need to go to a concert)

Favorite Restaurant?
Hinotez ( We need to go out and eat and do cool here)

Favorite Food?
How could I choose between adobada tacos and spaghetti?? (Just put the fork down and listen to your heart)

Favorite Vacation?
Yosemite (Dude! Lets do a trip!)

Dream vacation
A tour of Spain

Favorite Song?
Geez how can I pick just one. Lately it's been Tell Her She's Lovely by El Chicano (I know, I hate myself for adding this question)

Three songs that would be in the soundtrack of your life.
  1. All Day Music by War
  2. The Stars Keep on Calling My Name by Mac DeMarco
  3. Sara Smile by Daryl Hall & John Oates (my parents named me after this song) ( You can't use parenthesis people are gonna think I wrote that.)

What song is a must to dance?
Man I love these questions! My all time favorite ever to dance to is Atomic Dog by George Clinton (Why thank you! I was gonna go with a boring line of photography questions and I thought to myself, "why?!")

Favorite quote to live by?
I need a while to think of this one (Too late this is what I'm putting in your profile page.)
Your lamest joke.
I seriously dont have or ever tell any jokes. 😂 (Why so serious?!)