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Tony, aka "The Black Rider"

My name is Tony Ruiz, aka The Black Rider. Some consider me a funny person, but to be honest, I love having fun. I have a massive fascination with the biker culture and western films (No, I don't own a bike or horse. So I am a bikeless biker and a horseless cowboy.) I could spend the rest of my life in a desert or a dense forest. Frankly, I could spend the rest of the days just traveling. Road trips are life...that and tacos. When I am on the road or just brainstorming, I tend to listen to music. I tend to listen to a little of everything (except for music that record companies try to shove up my throat). But my main love will always be indie rock. My favorite bands are Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kent, The Black Ryder, The Verve, and Neko Case.

My love for photography started at a young age through magazines such as National Geographic and Fashion Magazines. I started as a hobby back in 2006 when I just wanted to capture moments. Slowly my love for portraits developed with the playing of shadows and lights. I am always looking to perfect my technique to give a renaissance painting with dramatic lighting effects.

Commonly asked questions not related to photography... sorta.
What brand of camera do you prefer? (Hey, I said sorta)
Canon All The Way!

If photography or videography didn't exist, what would be your hobby?
Music I miss being in a band. Hopefully, that will change soon.

Favorite Color?
Black. Is there any doubt?

Favorite Movie of All Time?
I would have to go with The Dark Knight.

What type of person are you? (Beach, Forest, and Mountains, Country, Desert, or City)
Forest and Mountains for me. But I also love the sunset and night only unless I'm on a motorcycle, then it can be any time of the day.

Favorite place to hang out?
It's a tie between Los Angeles, Music Venues, and the Museum of Photographic Arts. Oh! my girl has to be with me. I can't do solo anymore. I've come utterly dependent on her. What about the kids? What kids? Oh, that's right. I have kids. Well, they are too little to hang out and have a favorite place with them yet. I would enjoy the Train Museum in Balboa Park, but the displays are so high up. I have to carry the kids through the whole museum. Get it together, people!

Favorite Concerts?
The Verve in Las Vegas simply because I got to see them before they broke up shortly after that concert.

Favorite Restaurant?
If it's a sit-down restaurant, I would say any street taco off the street where it's just you, the taquero and streets. Please don't give me any fancy walls. But I also love Red Robin.

Favorite Food?
Tacos. Tacos are life.

Favorite Vacation?
My homeland of Guanajuato is, so far, my favorite vacation.

Dream vacation
I would love to go to New Zealand or anywhere in Europe where the country touches the ocean.

Favorite Song?
Whatever Happened To My Rock n' Roll by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

These three songs would be on the soundtrack of your life.
  1. Sweet Come Down by The Black Ryder
  2. As Sure As The Sun by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  3. The Trapeze Swinger by Iron and Wine

What song is a must to dance?
Any Spanish rock song!

Favorite quote to live by:
"A man that can't keep his word is no good. Not even for himself." - Where The Red Fern Grows.

Your lamest joke.
I don't like air conditioner jokes; I'm just not a fan. (Daddy jokes are tight!)