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Krissel Rivas Aka Krissel

Krissel Rivas, if our team were an engine, she would be the spark plug in our team. She is by far the most outgoing person on our team, and she is just as talented. Krissel has such a fantastic eye for photography, and it makes her a treat to have her work with us when we book our double weddings. There are no words to describe how amazing she is and how easy it is to work with. We don't mind sharing with her the reigns to the directing chair when we do weddings. Her personality contributes to a fun environment for our clients, which helps break the ice and let our clients photograph who they are.

Krissel, like us, is a proud parent of two kids. She loves having a great time with a beer in her hand and a nectarine in the other. I don't know what that is all about, but she is Krissel. Deal with it. Just like me, she embraces her white hair. Although I don't have any, and it makes me mad. She knows her husband since she was 13. Did you know she started doing photography through her iPhone? It's true! After doing her friend's engagement photos, she decided she wanted to pick up photography. The world is grateful because of this. That same friend booked her for the wedding. She did such a fantastic job that she booked five more. But Krissel decided she didn't want big weddings anymore and just concentrated on intimate, small weddings. So we are very fortunate to have her to our weddings because, as she puts it, she doesn't have to stress as much about them since we do all the worrying. I guess you can say you can only get Krissel for big weddings exclusively through us.

Commonly asked questions not related to photography...sorta.
What brand of camera do you prefer? (Hey, I said sorta)
I use Nikon. I haven't tried anything else, so I don't really have a preference.

If photography or videography didn't exist, what would be your hobby?
Painting (We need to go to a museum. Not only to enjoy the images but to get away from our children.)

Favorite Color?
This question always gives me anxiety. I don't have a favorite. Depends on my mood. (I'll keep that in mind when I see what color blouse you were when I see you)

Favorite Movie of All Time?
Ahh... The Count of Monte Cristo ... The Greatest Showman and Inception (I also love The Count Of Monte Cristo!)

What type of person are you? (Beach, Forest, and Mountains, Country, Desert, or City)
Forest and Mountains! (Jumping together to give high fives)

Favorite place to hang out?
Home on my couch

Favorite Concerts?

Favorite Restaurant?
My mom's Kitchen

Favorite Food?
My Moms (That's why we love our moms. Mom, you better learn how to cook. You are way behind the other moms!)

Favorite Vacation?
Camping In Yosemite and Scotland (Take me with you)

Dream vacation
Anywhere with my family where babysitters and wine are provided.

Favorite Song?
Hakuna Matata (You are such a mom)

Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of your life
Anything produced by Hans Zimmer. (Dang, I should have chosen one piece from him in my list too.)

What song is a must to dance?
Timber - Pit Bull

Favorite quote to live by?
"Where focus goes energy flows"- Tony Robins

Your lamest joke.
Como se llama un pez que se cae del 5to piso?
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatun (haha, that's graphic...and I love it