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Abraham is one half of Yugen Films crew with his brother Steve. His motivation comes from emotion-filled movies that trigger his imagination. They motivated him to create wedding films that would bring out the emotion of the weddings they've covered. I love working with Abraham because he is like me. After all, we have the same goal of creating an emotion-filled final product for our customers. When he is with me during wedding portraits, I love watching him direct to materialize what he has envisioned. He truly loves this craft as much as his brother.

What brand of camera do you prefer? (Hey, I said sorta)
Dedicated Sony User! But I love all cameras! (That is so PC!)

If photography or videography didn't exist, what would you be your hobby?
Movie Critic

Favorite Color?
Forest Green (That's pretty specific.)

Favorite Movie of All Time?
Inception (Christopher Nolan is an excellent director)

What type of person are you? (Beach, Forest, and Mountains, Country, Desert, or City)
Definitely forest and Mountains ⛰ (Yess!!!)

Favorite place to hang out?
Coffee shops! Even though I don't drink coffee (I know, right?!)

Favorite Concerts?

Favorite Restaurant?
Chipotle (it's my life) (Easy come, Easy go. By the way, I didn't write "it's my life")

Favorite Food?
Italian food (Fettuccine Alfredo)

Favorite Vacation?
Family trip to Mammoth Lakes

Dream vacation
Going to Iceland! (Let's go!)

Favorite Song?
Loss by Phoria

Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of your life.
Got it in you - Banners
There will be time - Mumford and Sons
Saturn - Sleeping At Last

What song is a must to dance?
Stand By Me - Prince Royce (bachata is tight!)

Favorite quote to live by?
"A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there" (Uh, nice!)

Your lamest joke.
I would write it down, but none of my jokes are lame. (Award for the lamest joke ever)
Abraham Saldivar