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Maria Ruiz, aka The Lady In Black

Behind every beautiful photo of a bride getting ready for her big day is The Lady In Black, also known as Maria. She started photography as more as a hobby. She got her first Fuji Camera back in 2008. She began doing self-portraits using her ability to pose with emotion to create dramatic photos or capturing crazy moments she spent with her sister. When I met Maria, I fell in love with her work in front of the camera. I love it so much that I asked her to model for me. Little did I know that we would fall in love with each other through our collaborations and hanging out with friends. When we got married, Maria was on board with the idea of becoming a husband and wife photography team. So I added the woman in our Black Rider Studios logo. She would take care of the bride, and I would take care of the groom. It was perfect! With her ability to care for the details and capture those moments, she became the author of all the beautiful bride photos. She became the co-photographer for wedding portraits with me. She enjoys photographing unique portraits from maternity to intimate boudoir sessions.

Commonly asked questions not related to photography...sorta.
What brand of camera do you prefer? (Hey! I said sorta!)

Um, canon, of course!! (She is the one!)

If photography or videography didn't exist, what would you be your hobby?
Inventing a way to capture the moment or become a fashion designer. (That would be cool. May I suggest naming it "moment capturing square magic box"? It just rolls off your tongue.)

Favorite Color?
Black and green ( I guess you like to have your cake and eat it too.)

Favorite Movie of All Time?
Edward Scissorhands ("That Johnny Depp, he make-a me cry!", Italian Barbers from Seinfeld)

What type of person are you? (Beach, Forest, and Mountains, Country, Desert, or City)
forest and mountains all the way! (She really is the one!)

Favorite place to hang out?
Washington. I fell in love with WASHINGTON! (That's it. We are moving up there)

Favorite Concerts?
B.R.M.C. always puts on a great show gives me chills

Favorite Restaurant?
King Taco, I love Mexican food all day, any day, every day! (Marry Me!)

Favorite Food?
TACOS and Pizza! (Imagine...taco pizza...PATENT-PENDING!)

Favorite Vacation?
Irapuato, GTO (Mine too)

Dream vacation
Sweden/ Portugal (Europe it is!)

Favorite Song?
Ainda by Silva ( Meu favorito)

Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of your life.
Baby, I'm Yours By Arctic Monkeys
Esos Ojos Negros by Duncan Dhu
O Leaozinho by Beirut

What song is a must to dance?
Oye Mi Amor by Mana (Funny I thought of this song when I did this question)

Favorite quote to live by?
"But we loved with a love that was more than love..." Edgar Allan Poe

Your lamest joke.
I'm going to stand outside. So if anyone asks, I am outstanding. (I'm filing for divorce tomorrow morning.)