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Steve Esparza

Steve the charm behind Yugen Films. Behind that smile of his is another creative mind who, just like me, is fulled of creativity brought by music. He is another reason why I love working with them. We coordinate so awesomely when we cover the wedding events that it looks like we've coordinated way beforehand. The truth is, we just think alike. His personality contributes to the calm that our newlyweds enjoy. As Abraham is more of the emotional, artistic side, Steve is more of the unorthodox artist. By that I mean, he is a calculated risk-taker with his work. This is why Yugen films' work is unique. The two artists behind the camera are uniquely different, yet, they work together with perfection.

Commonly asked questions not related to photography...sorta.
What brand of camera do you prefer?
Sony! Sony! Sony! (Okay! Okay! *Huddles in Embryo Mode*)

If photography or videography didn't exist, what would be your hobby?
A Video-gamer or Guitar Player (I see you more of a guitar player )

Favorite Color?
White (Are you saying white is better?)

Favorite Movie of All Time?
How to Train a Dragon (That's a child's movie! Why can't you watch more adult movies like The Brave Little Toaster.)

What type of person are you?
Forest and Mountains (I think we all need to go on a camping trip.)

Favorite place to hang out?
Anywhere with my girl! (queue the crowd for an awww!)

Favorite Concerts?
Muse (Luuuuckkkkky!!!!)

Favorite Restaurant?
Urbana (Anaheim Packing District)

Favorite Food?
Pizza (pineapple belongs in pizza! fight me!)

Favorite Vacation?
Mammoth Lakes with the family

Dream vacation

Favorite Song?
In the End by Linkin Park (I can't sing to those songs anymore without coughing a lung. I need to see a doctor.)

These three songs would be on the soundtrack of your life.
Night we met by Lord Huron
Saturn by Sleeping At Last
Wait by M83

What song is a must to dance?
24k Magic by Bruno Mars

Favorite quote to live by?
"Nothing in life is legendary unless your friends are there to see it" (DAAAAAANG!!! )

Your lamest joke.
Do you want to hear a joke backwards? Laugh First (*sigh*)