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How long have you been doing photography?

Tony has been a photographer since 2005, while Maria has been doing photography since 2010.



Where are you based?

We live in the beautiful city of Oceanside, CA.



Do you travel?

Yeah we do! We love going to travel outside of our local area. 



How much do you charge for photography?

That depends; prices vary on occasion. For more info, go to our pricing page.



How many weddings do you take a year?

We only take 24 weddings, and in other words, two weddings a month. We want to make sure we remain creative and not drained and make sure that our customers get their photos back as quickly as possible. 



What is your availability?

We book our months pretty fast since we only take three photoshoots a month. We do this to stay creative and give faster turnaround times for our customers. 



How many photos do we get?

Why limit ourselves in the photos we give you? We believe our customers deserve all the great photographs taken. 



How many hours do your packages provide?

We don't like to limit ourselves in any way, and we want to provide the best experience possible.

For weddings, we do all-day coverage because we want to tell the complete story of your wedding day. Also, by doing this, it creates less stress on our newlyweds. We want them to enjoy their day so we can capture more moments and give more photos. 

We don't set time limits for our smaller shoots because many circumstances need the extra time—for example, our pregnant customers and the elderly. We don't want to rush them for safety reasons. So we take our time and do it right. Besides, if the shoot is going great. Why stop?! 



What is your turnaround time?

Since we have a limited amount of photoshoots, we have to edit. You have to consider that some shoots contain packages that need to be fulfilled and weddings that need to be edited. So we give ourselves some cushion to make sure we are accurate on the turnaround time, three weeks.



Do you give unedited photos?

How dare thee ask thy question?! The answer is no! haha. No artist would ever permit someone else to work on their art pieces, and it's like Picasso letting Monet edit their paintings. This is why it's essential to hire someone who has the style you like to photograph your occasion. 



Who chooses the location?

Let us choose the location for you. Location is ultra essential to complete the experience and to put the final touch to your photography. All you have to do is tell us where you live and what kind of environment do you want. 



I don't know how to pose. Can you direct me?

We are aware that no one is born a model. So we direct verbally or by example to strike the perfect pose. 



How do the payments work?

For small shoots, the payments are 35% Deposit at booking and 65% the day of the shoot.

For weddings, the payments are 15% at signing, 50% on Sunday before your wedding, and 35% when photos are done and uploaded. However, if your package includes an engagement, it's 15% at signing, 5% on the day of engagement, 45% on Sunday before your wedding, and 35% when photos are done and uploaded. 



What should I wear?

We got you covered on that end. Click here



What if I need to postpone or even cancel?

Unfortunately, you would lose your deposit and would have to pay another deposit to reschedule. However, if you reschedule or cancel because of "acts of God," you don't have to pay another deposit, and you qualify for a refund if you cancel because of "acts of God."



What if you don't show up?

In the unlikely case I don't show up, I will offer to reschedule or a full refund.



Do you offer discounts?

I don't offer any military discounts, but we do provide general discounts on Black Friday. 


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"We are absolutely in love with our pictures!! We try to take photos every year and this year we were blessed to find Black Rider Studios. Tony took our photos and he was so respectful and professional. I'll definitely be recommending him to everyone I know. Can't wait to book again soon!! Thank you, Tony!"

- Kara, Oceanside, CA

"The pictures came out beautiful despite having interesting weather. They were fun to work with and made the shoot enjoyable and memorable. Thank you."

- Rebecca, San Diego, CA


*The photos on this page were taken by Sarah Cecilia Photography or Krissel Rivas Photography