Enter Audrey Jane Ruiz

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Tuesday, Septermber 6, 2016, Audrey Jane Ruiz is born. Through a very chaotic time in our lives, a blessing was born. Just like that, we have what some consider our perfect set our son, John Taze, and now, my little princess, Audrey. I must admit, through it all, I was nervous. C-section are no joke. Sure the labor is easy but the risk is higher than a normal birth and the thought of losing either my wife, my daughter or even both is enough to drive a man insane. Besides that, its no fun watching the person you love go through it. Maria's body felt colder, she wouldn't stop shaking. Her nausea was constant through the whole ordeal. All I can do was hold her hand and take pictures briefly for memories. But at the end, when you hear that first cry, you know the wait, is finally over. 

Maria actually dolled up for this birth after she learned her lesson from John's birth. Always wear make up. 

You never realize how slow a minute can be. 

The walk. Walking down the hall to the surgery room is like going in that first uphill on a rollercoaster. Its agonizing.  Audrey Jane. Welcome to the world my love. 

First cries are the sweetest. 

There she is getting ready to meet mommy. 

Unaware that they are putting her back together and all she cares is meeting Audrey, her our daughter.

Mommy meets Audrey. First kiss. 

Audrey by the window. Audrey first check up. 

Taking in the rays. Just like her brother John, she needed her rays to deal with the jaundice.

Grandma, my mom is a grandma. Sounds so weird.  Audrey meets his Tiotio. My brother wanted us to have a daughter, so we delivered. 

John was more excited about his juice pouch

Mommy & Audrey first time alone. 

John was trying to steal the spotlight back. I think he succeeded John meets Audrey. Did you know that John sings lullabies to his sister when she is crying? its the cutest thing. He actually has a song for her that he sings when she is far from her. 

John assisting mommy in recovery. 


I cant express how truly blessed I feel. Sure things are a lot more time consuming and complicated. But in the end they are worth it. I am truly anxious to see how both stories develop. My wife and I, are going to enjoy watching our flowers in the window grow. 




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