Black Rider Studios | Engagement Session: Genesis & Gio

Engagement Session: Genesis & Gio

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Engagements | Genesis & Giovanny

City: Los Angeles, CA

Photographed and Edited by Tony Ruiz from Black Rider Studios

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Stop. Go. Stop. Go. STOP. Honk. STTTTOOP. Go. Free....STOP. These are the driving patterns of an Los Angelinos driver. It's an everyday thing. It's horrible but no one seems to mind. I am one of them. As a native LA boy, I can't never get enough of the LA scene. Specially when it comes to the opportunity to do a photographic session for one of my customers. LA has been used so many times and I've yet to see any photographer (except for a handfull) capture its passion. LA is not a glamourous city, it's a city of struggles and emotions. This is the place where misunderstood people meet and fall in love. A place where real people who individualize themselves, not because it's the cool thing to do but because they are different, come to live. Where hopeless romantics can go on top of a parking garage and write sonnets of the one that got away. Los Angeles is misunderstood city that people living outside will never understand and therefore hate. I am happy to be in the city that understands me.

I know Genesis's family for a long time. As a matter of fact, I know Genesis since she was in her mid-teens. I remember this little freckled cute red-head always causing trouble, the good normal red head type, everytime I would go visit the family. Sometimes I would see a skinny little hyper active boy with her just giggling and playing around. that was Giovanni. Only Giovanni's dad  knew something about their future that no one knew. That these two would end up together. 2015 and know I'm photographing there engagements. Talk about feeling old.

Genesis has now matured into a beautiful glamorous redhead that can be equally as sweet as she can be feisty. I am proud that she has become such an outspoken strong woman. As for Giovanni, I can see why Genesis fell in love with him. Giovanni himself has matured into a mature-for-his-age, I'll handle it don't worry, workholic patient man. With that in mind here is our favorite photos from Genesis and Gio.


We want to thank Genesis and Gio for letting us do their engagement photography and we are looking forward to do their wedding in the very near future. If you would like to have your engagement photography quote please contact by clicking here.


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