Who and What is Black Rider Studios? How & when did Black Rider Studios started? How did they get their name? Where are do they service? Why should you hire us? Well, let me tell you.


Let's start with the who. Black Rider Studios is composed of my wife, Maria, and I, Tony Ruiz. Sometimes we get two weddings in the same day. That's when our friends and colleagues, Sarah & Krissel, join us to be our partners in different weddings. Even though, Sarah and Krissel, will sometimes join us, Be assured, Maria and I will always be the people behind the camera at the shoots.


Black Rider Studios was started back in 2005, when I was assigned by the CEO I was working for to photograph finished construction projects. I began experimenting doing passion projects of artistic portraits using different creative fountains such as emotions, music and poetry inspiration. But then my love for wedding photography began with a wedding in the small with of Chico, California when I was asked by a friend to photograph their wedding. I fell in love with it. I wanted to do that forever.


Although we are located in San Diego County, California. We love to travel everywhere. It's part of the fun and experience I love about photography. We've travel from our comfortable studio settings in our Oceanside home to hiking the woods in Florida. We've gone to the beautiful architectures of Guanajuato, Mexico to the majestic forests in the Washington State.


So now that you know, why should you hire us? Hire us for the experience. Hire us for the beautiful results. Hire us because our shoots are more than beautiful shoots. They are an adventure. Seriously, who doesn't love adventures?!