Project Bohemia

Date: Saturday, September 8, 2018

Time: An Hour Before Sunset

Location: Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Laguna Beach, CA

Models IG:

  1. "_iiop" Karina Lopez
  2. "betsylopez48" Betsy Lopez
  3.  "treeclimber_vv" Viviana Zavala
  4. "wendy.mrtnz" 

Theme and Description: Fashion. Bohemian theme fashion shoot. We will be providing wardrobe for this shoot. 

Pinterest Inspiration

Project Dinosauria

Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018

Time: At Sunset

Location: Lake Cuyamaca, Anzo-Borrego, CA

Meet Up Location: To be determined

Models IG:

  1.  "reneangulo" Rene Angulo
  2.  "will_i_am___" William Dotson
  3.  "beratzy"
  4. "alexiarochafl"

Theme and Description: Conceptual. So this one will be using the dinosaur statues already in Borrego Springs. Will be providing the wardrobe for this.