2017 Annual Fashion Shoot

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2017 Annual Fashion Shoot

Style: Western Bohemian

City: Borrego Springs

Models: Bitja, Taylor & Sandy

Photographed & Edited by Tony Ruiz

Wardrobe: The Fabulous Rag Boutique

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Another year has passed, and it seems like just yesterday we just finished our 2016 fashion shoot. This time, it was a bit challenging to organize because of the rains we had in San Diego. We had originally 10 models and guest models that were going to join, but, time and time again, the weather altered our plans. The shoot was suppose to be done at the Devils bowl in the San Bernardinos mountains, but, even that changed in the last minute. Nevertheless, we went with what we got, which was still an amazing cast of models with Bitja (our 2016 model of the year), Taylor and Sandy (both potentially, 2017 models of the year), as well as, Kiana who was supposed to be at this shoot but circumstances (my fault) got her lost in the valleys of San Diego. 

With our Western Bohemian style outfits from The Fabulous Rag Boutique, we started the shoot in the golden hour of Borrego Springs. These were some of our favorites:

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